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       Your vision fades around the edges. The sky is dark. You are outside a big building... It's in the heart of a forest. You have a vague memory, of drawings scattered... You've been warned by someone... Someone important... They told you to avoid the forest for some reason... But your curiosity is eating you alive. You stand you, and walk towards the big building, but you hear something drop behind you. You turn and see a flashlight on the ground. Was that there before? You pick it up and turn it on. The light goes off far into the distance. You shine the light on the building. The front door was wide open. You walk slowly towards it, being cautious. As you walk through the doors, they slam shut behind you, causing you to jump. You look at the doors, and chuckle uneasily. You turn back around. It's appears to be an abandoned elementary. A lot seems to still be in place... Other then the occasional scattered papers, the broken lights, and blood splatter. A small shiver goes down your spine. What happened here? You walk down the halls, your foot steps echoing back to you. Then you notice something stabbed into the wall... A teddy bear. You reach for it, but it disappears at your touch. Something in your mind whispers, One out of eight bears found. You look around wondering who said that. You curiously peek in class rooms, and any open room you can find. Two out of eight bears found... Three out of eight bears found... Four out of eight bears found... You reached for the fifth bear, but foot steps behind you, causing you to freeze. You've heard the footsteps before, but they haven't been so loud. You kept catching glimpses of what looked like a faceless man in a Tux, but that all didn't matter to you right now. You grabbed the fifth bear and took off, terrified.
       "I JUST WANNA GO HOME!" You yelled. This place was getting to you... It was dark and creepy. You decided to turn back. When you turned, you where looking and black cloth that stretched up to the ceiling. You looked up slowly...  Your scream filled the elementary... Play again?
welp, I can write any main story. No lost your mind, no tale of universes, no tear between worlds, but I've got something i need to get out of my head. SLEEEEDNER ELEMENTARY! enjoy :D
AngieTheCamel Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
Sakura-the-fox Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Student General Artist
: D That was what I was hoping for
DragoCatt Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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